Becoming aware of what we eat

Vegetarian, Paleo, Vegan, Carnivore, Sugar free, etc.

What to think? What to do? How to navigate? Who to listen to?


There are many schools of thought about eating. I am not a nutritionist, but here is what I learned about food from my experiences.

My partner and I decided to try different eating styles in the past two years (Vegan, Vegetarian, avoiding pasta, eating less sugar, etc.), but we realized that we just had to listen to our BODY! We must eat only what we are able to digest.

Now we eat very little dairy, we only eat meat (chicken and red meat) when we visit friends and family. And that is only if we do not have other choices on the menu and we know that it is of good quality (for example: my father hunts deer and moose, so we know they have eaten natural grass and had a good life!).

Otherwise at home we are 95% vegetarian because we eat fish occasionally. Organic eggs are also part of our diet. One day, we want to have our own hens and an indoor greenhouse (vegetables, fruits, and spices year round). We look at what we are able to digest well. It may take time, but do it for yourself and for your health!


In addition, we must ensure a good protein intake in all meals. It is also important to vary our diet. That said, do not think that eating a variety means eating a little of everything! We must promote the right foods, while avoiding those harmful to health. That said, fruit is good, but if you just eat that, it’s not so good. The same applies to all other foods.

Bear in mind, nothing prevents you from eating a poutine or a good chocolate cake once in a while ;)! We must always look at our way of life and listen to our body! For example, if you are not able to digest dairy products, stop eating them and replace them with other things.


Avoid sugar and carbohydrates.

Natural sugars are recommended (maple syrup, fruit, honey, agave syrup, stevia, etc.) But pay attention, fruit juices are extremely sugary; it is better to eat fresh fruit instead of commercial fruit juice before dinner time. Again, it all depends on your lifestyle, your health, and the time of your workouts and physical exercise.


Also, we must know what is on our plate. There is absolutely no point in eating vegetables, fish, meat, fruit, or anything else if they are filled with pesticides or they have not had a good diet themselves. In short, the important thing is the QUALITY of the food you eat, because you eat what the food has eaten or received! The food you thought was good for your health could be harmful.


Here are some tips that could help a lot:

  • Promote “homemade” recipes.
  • Promote natural products.
  • Opt for products whose origins you know.
  • If possible, have your own garden (make sure the seeds used are “organic”).
  • Follow up with professionals to make sure we have all the nutrients we need. If there is a deficiency, there are natural supplements that you can take for a certain period of time to adjust everything. Note that we can only experience deficiency symptoms after a few years. So be careful and take care of yourself.


Again, listen to your body and be aware of what you are eating.


Thanks for reading. A pleasure!

-Hakuna Matata-


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