Blond Story : Balance, Health and Full Potential

Are you looking for your BALANCE?
Looking for what to do and where to start?
Virginie, Sarah and her team are here to help you in this process to fully fulfill you.

Before I even start this article, I want to share with you the chance that I had to personally meet the founder and editor Virginie Goudreault and manager Sarah Fortin. Simple, overflowing with energy, innovative, full of surprises, inspiring kindness and having their subscribers at heart; these two EXCEPTIONAL women win to be known.

With work, stress, family, projects and dreams, it’s sometimes hard to take the time to take a break and think about yourself. We tend to delay to the next day or wait for the holidays. We are rooted in a whirlwind that can become problematic over time if we do not stop for a few minutes to find our balance during each of our days.

What is balance you might ask me? I think it’s unique to everyone. Being in balance for me means sharing our time during a day based on the things we have to achieve and want to accomplish. It is important to listen to our body. I believe that to be well and in balance, you need to take the time to pause through meditation, yoga, breathing or just to stop, where your brain is thinking of nothing.

In counterbalance, it is essential to be on the move a minimum of thirty minutes a day to take care of your body. All of these ways allow you to enhance oxygen flow and increase energy.

Of course, as I mentioned in many of my articles, our the way we eat also plays a crucial role in this whole process.

As shared above, the BALANCE is unique to everyone and may require a period of adaptation and progression. There must be a balance between work, hobbies, nutrition, training and all other spheres of your life. Blond Story puts at your disposal key elements to help you find it. We must not forget that the most important person is YOU!

Blond Story : Balance, Health and Full Potential | Blog of Dee In Post2

In order to achieve their mission, this team is composed of specialists who all work for a common goal, that is to release your full potential! On their website you can find different capsules, articles, tools and more; all for free! Wanting to help you in your personal journey, they are organizing contests and this year, they even launched their very first EVENT: Les ateliers bien-être that were sold out in less than a single day!

Having the privilege of following them and having managed to have a place for their first ever coveted event, sharing their work gives me the greatest pleasure.

In order to stay on the lookout and help you define your balance and inspire you, I invite you to visit Blond Story and sign up for their newsletter and follow them on Instagram.

You are the most precious; think of YOU! Blond Story : Balance, Health and Full Potential | Blog of Dee In Post

Thanks for reading. A pleasure!

-Hakuna Matata-


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