Dans le sac : Zero waste

How to make a difference for us and for our environment?
How to avoid using products containing plastic?
What is bulk groceries? Which products to use and why?
Where to start?

In recent years, my partner and I have decided to reduce our waste consumption, choose bulk suppliers rather than grocery stores, make our homemade recipes, make compost, use natural products for the home and for our body and more!
We believe that to make a difference, you just have to start by changing one life habit at a time. It is better to change one thing and continue this change than to put everything in place and stop a few days later, considering that this is too much for us.

During a dinner with a friend, she introduced us to the wonderful company Dans le sac. This business started with a simple phone call between friends who wanted to make a difference in their life and has become a company in constant evolution. Following a meeting with the two founders, I remained fascinated by the fact that their mission is more than just a choice that is important to them; it’s a lifestyle for a better world! Dans le Sac : Zéro déchet pour un monde meilleur | Blog of Dee Dans le sac in post Bags

Being dedicated for what they do: energetic, radiant and inspiring, imagine what their bags can be!

Three words to describe: Quality, Convenient and Affordable.

In addition to what it’s mentioned above, they are just too BEAUTIFUL!

I invite you to encourage this local company and make a difference for you and future generations! You will see, you will not be able to do without their products.


Here are some suggestions that make a difference for the Earth and that have a direct positive impact for you:
– Reuse your containers
– Buy its products as much as possible in bulk: In order to buy in bulk, the company Dans le sac made INCREDIBLE bags! They are fabricated in Quebec with natural cotton that is machine washable. They allow you to reduce your consumption of plastic because you can use them to get your food to transfer them in pots afterward. They contribute to zero waste.
– Make compost- Make a garden: vegetables, fruits, herbs
– Make a garden: vegetables, fruits, herbs
– Promote good products for the environment: reusable bag, bamboo toothbrush, glass containers, film made with beeswax (instead of plastic film), natural products, etc.
– Clean your house: Sometimes we have several instruments, products, containers and others, in duplicate or too large quantities.
– Cooking your homemade meals
– Buy local products
– Try to buy products that are not packaged with plastic
– Use recycled paper

Dans le Sac : Zéro déchet pour un monde meilleur | Blog of Dee Dans le sac in post

I challenge you: Take one of the suggestions above and start applying it in your daily life. You will keep it for life.

Also, add to your agenda, Blond Story will have a zero waste pod on their website to celebrate Earth Day with Dans le sac.



Thanks for reading. A pleasure!

-Hakuna Matata-


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