Dream board and visualization

Why do some people always achieve their goals?

How do people make their dreams come true instead of just talking about them?

How do people stay focused on what they want?

How do they see the light at the end of the tunnel?

Many people ask me: what is the magic formula for getting what we want? There is no magic formula, but many different realistic ways to achieve our desires.

What follows requires practice, consistency, hope, positive visualization, precision, and a time horizon.


Our brain is extremely powerful! It can make you believe things that did not even happen. In order to succeed in doing what you want, you need to control your thoughts, and focus on what is important to you.

Here is a way to help make everything possible and enjoyable.



– A corkboard or a large piece of cardboard

– Pins (if you use the cork board) or stickers (for cardboard)

– Pictures of what you want.

Example: if you want to buy the newest trendy car ; you print an image of it with a “New Owner” poster above labelled with your name and the date you would like to drive it. If you want to leave for Indonesia; print a photo of where exactly and when you would like to travel. If you want to play a musical instrument; print a picture of it.


How to apply it in everyday life:

1- It is very important to be precise in what you want. It is better to put less images and focus on those few and make them happen rather than to put too much and change nothing at all.

2- You can place on your WALL OF DREAMS:

Little dreams: playing the piano, having something new, discovering 10 new recipes, practicing yoga, etc.

Model dreams: write a book, lose or gain weight, make fifty happy people, etc.

Extravagant dreams: travel to the following continents: Africa, Asia, Europe, North/South America, and Oceania, have a house on the edge of the beach, spend 6 months in Asia, win a national dance competition, write a best seller, sell one’s house, etc.

Your small, medium, and big dreams can be whatever you want, they are yours.

3- You must be specific about what you are asking for. If you’re printing a piano, for example, when you look at your WALL OF DREAMS, you need to mention when you want to play it and you have to see yourself doing it. You have to think about it and believe it. You have to do positive visualization.

4- During a specific time of the day, in the morning when getting up, in the evening, at dinner or before bedtime, for example, you have to take the time to look at your board for a few minutes and do visualization. This is why your creation must be in a specific place (e.g. bedroom, your home office, this image and these dreams are yours.) Never let anyone say that they are not good dreams or that It’s impossible to get there, these people are just jealous or sad that they haven’t put it into practice in their own lives.

5- You can set goals that will help you achieve your dreams. You can separate them by week or by month. It is very important to quantify: in time and in numbers.

-You want more money, but how much? When will you have it?

-You want to meet a partner. What type of personality? What type of body shape? Is it for 5 years or just for the next Christmas dinner?

6- When one of your dreams is realized, you remove the image and you can place another if you want. You can keep the realized dreams in a small box, a bag, or an album. It is always very interesting to review the achievements obtained every quarter or every year.


One of my good friends wanted to sell her condominium and she could not do it. I suggested that she print an image of it and put the words “SOLD” above and the date she wanted to sell it. Later, I encouraged her to stay positive about her thoughts and visualize this dream each day . It was not always easy, but she did it and printed her dream wall by displaying her apartment on it. After a few weeks, she started to have several visits and finally BOOM she sold her property at the exact time she wanted!


Your image does not have to be extravagant. Do yourself a favor and make this change in your life, you will do it, I hope with all my heart, you get what you really WANT!



Thanks for reading. A pleasure!

-Hakuna Matata-


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