Expo Manger Santé & Vivre Vert

Why is it so important to eat healthy?

“Eat salad ?! Are you crazy? Do I look like a bunny to you?”

All these benefits unknown or so badly interpreted by a food education passed from generation to generation.

If you went to the elementary school, you certainly remember that it was appropriate to “study” the four basic food groups. We were reminded vigorously that it was essential to eat “X” servings of meat and alternatives and “Y” servings of dairy products, etc. Even the Gournement of Canada still advises.

Is it a coincidence that these four groups contain what Canada was able to produce at that time? Was it a speech conveyed to the breasts of our households simply to stimulate the economy?
This article is not intended to cover different groups or create a debate on the subject.

Simply to share a WONDERFUL experience that I had the chance to experience during the weekend of March 23-25th, 2018:  L’Expo Manger Santé & Vivre Vert at the Palais des Congrès in Montreal.

I have had rewarding, diverse and relevant encounters to make better decisions about my diet and what I now want to digest. The benefits of certain products or healthy lifestyles are astonishing.

Did you know it was the 21st edition?
I am very grateful to have walked the red carpet of this event this year. Will we meet next year?


Thanks for reading. A pleasure!

-Hakuna Matata-


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