Fever, flu, colds …

When winter arrives or there is a big temperature change, microbes rejoice!


We must always look after ourselves and especially listen to what our body is telling us. During the winter, due to cold weather and/or lack of light, the human being in general becomes a homebody. Unfortunately, by staying inside, we stay with our microbes. That’s why there are more sick people in the winter.

Taking in fresh air, washing your hands regularly, eating properly and “prevention instead of cure” greatly helps to avoid unwanted but often expected symptoms. To avoid being indoors all winter and help you move around throughout the year, I invite you to read my article Move Outside to the rhythm of the Seasons. Some ideas in there could make your life a little easier to prevent the flu, an infection, or a cold.


Obviously, moving and going outside is my first advice. Then it could be interesting to read and see what Jacynthe has to offer in one of its articles against the flu and gastro. (See below)

These little natural things can make a big difference. In addition, if you ever feel that the symptoms of a flu or a cold are flaring up, this little case of house flu that Marilou proposed on his site three times a day is a gem.


When you notice a fever or flu coming, here are some natural ways to reduce your symptoms. Certainly, REST is the key to recovering quickly. Also, we have to let TIME heal our system. Remember that the most important person is YOURSELF!

The following could greatly help you to avoid relying only on medication:



  •  Treat yourself and return to childhood: Eat a “Popsicle”
  • Take a WARM, but not cold, bath (this can cause convulsions)

* If you have a thermometer, your water should be 1°C lower than the temperature of your body (e.g. if you are 38, the water should be 37). *

  • Even if it makes you shiver a bit, you should remove a few layers of clothes to lower your body temperature
  • Taking fresh air, even if your energy is low, will help reduce your fever
  • A compress of cold water on the forehead, and in the neck from time to time.
  • Before going to bed, put on a wet pair of socks twisted with cold water. Cold water underfoot helps to reduce fever before bedtime. Remove them after a few minutes.


Flu, cold, sore throat

  • Hot water with honey, thyme, and lemon
  • Water with dried sunflower and honey
  • Gypsy Cold Care Tea or other hot drink



* Warning: You can dilute it if you think that it could warm your eyes and do not forget to wash your hands after having massaged, otherwise it will BURN, if you touch elsewhere! *


In order to have fresh air in the house, it is recommended to ventilate the house and use an essential oil diffuser.

Eucalyptus is a wonderful repairer to spread around when you are sick or congested.

Of course, if you have a fever that persists or you have been sick for more than 7 to 10 days, consult your doctor!


Take care of yourself!


Thanks for reading. A pleasure!

-Hakuna Matata-


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