Go light and avoid losing those suitcases

Before meeting MAG, I never thought I would be able to travel light. But to date, whether we are leaving for 2 weeks, 2 months or more, I am able to go with only two “carry-ons”!!

The important thing is to prepare your suitcases and anticipate the essentials!

How many times have you been on a trip and used just half of what you brought? This was often the case for me.

Now that we are going to Ireland, Scotland, Central America, Western Canada, to a country where it’s HOT or COLD, I only take two travel bags: one that goes into the compartment above my head on the plane and one under the front seat. In addition to the one under the front seat there is also my shoulder bag containing my laptop. Which means that half of the time it stays at home.


During the past year, three of my friends have lost one of their bags and ended up in another country with NOTHING! Admittedly, the first thing to do if you do not think you can leave with a travel bag that fits into the cabin, is to organize your “carry-on”! Plan to put on some “rescue” clothes such as underwear, a swimsuit, a toothbrush, a t-shirt, ready for if ever the airline loses your suitcase. Put the essential things you will need for the first few days.


If you think you will be able to TAKE the CHALLENGE and leave without your giant BEAST of a case, here are some suggestions to help you on your next trip.

The first step is to draw up a list of the items you want to bring. Do not forget to put only the essentials! Look at the number of days you are leaving and the activities you plan to do. Keep in mind that you can always find a place to wash your clothes in case you get caught out.


When we went for a month to Ireland and Scotland, we would go hiking in the mountains and be outside almost every day. Do not forget that in this place the rain is often over you right from the start. I had to put on a raincoat, warm clothes, sports clothes, good stockings, my hiking boots, more extravagant clothes for the evenings, and at least one other pair of shoes for these outings.

We also saw days that reached 21 degrees! So you ended up with a lot of laundry and I only had a travel bag. To reduce the space taken up by big clothes in my bag, I put a big sweater, my raincoat, a tank top, my warmest pants and my hiking boots on the plane.


I had also planned to take a few pieces of linen accordingly. I knew that Merino wool clothes breathed well and that I could wait a few days before I needed to wash them. I shopped for pants that could withstand as much water as possible and be comfortable for long walks.

My stockings for the walks were resistant and breathed well too. As a result, I could wait a few more days before washing and I never had a problem.


During our trip, we slept in more than 18 different places. Of course, some of these places allowed us to wash our clothes. We have never run out of clothes, despite the fact that we only carry the bare minimum. Maybe you will re-wear the same clothes a few times, but nobody except you and your traveling companions will know ;)!


So, plan for clothes that you can put on more than once, get dressed in your bigger pieces, do not take more than you need and always remember that you can buy almost anything in the country you’re visiting.

That said, with respect to shampoo, conditioner, soap, a toothbrush, a hairbrush etc. you can always find some in the places where you are staying. You can go with miniature formats, but after a month, you may have to buy some. We never had a problem with shopping trips. We now have the habit of planning a travel budget for these purchases to free us from the clutter.


Last year, we went to Central America for a week with the family and I managed to just take my “carry-on”!Go light and avoid losing those suitcases when you travel | Blog of Dee In post

I understand that for some women it is more difficult, because we want different jerseys for every day, different dresses for dinner …

As for the dresses, they roll very well and do not take up too much space. Shorts and camisoles too. As for two-piece swimsuits, you can bring different tops that go with the same bottoms and bring a small bottle of soap.

if you want to wash them. Then it’s not the end of the world if you have to put the same shirt on twice in the same week.

As for cosmetics, I always manage to bring the essentials and small versions so that they can be taken on the plane with me. For 1 year, I have used only natural products for my skin and even for sunscreen. You can find suggestions and tips in my article natural products.


For our next trip, we plan to leave for a period of between 5 to 6 months. It will be another great challenge for me to maximize the space in my little suitcase. As mentioned, keep in mind that it is always possible to find what you want on a trip.


Regarding shoes, the important thing is to have a couple of good pairs instead of having several. For Ireland, I had my hiking boots and a good pair of sandals. This is enough. For the trip to Central America, I had a pair of running shoes (in my feet for the plane) and two pairs of sandals with me. We always bring too much and we always end up always wearing the same things over and over; what I realized was if you reduce the number of shoes you bring, there will be more room for your clothes.


It is just as important to know how to properly place our clothes in our suitcase. We can expect our biggest bag (which will be in the “suitcase”) for our clothes and shoes then another (which will be below the seat) for cosmetics and other small items (money, passport, books, tickets, etc.) You can go to my Youtube channel to find a short video that could help you fold your clothes to maximize space. If not, it’s with a little trial and error and practice that you will become an expert at packing your travel bag.


Trust yourself and have simplistic thoughts when packing! Traveling lightly saves you a lot of trouble (loss, breakage, theft, etc.), waiting at the airport (you can skip the check-in process), stress, and a lot of time. Go enjoy your trip instead of waiting after your suitcases.


Thanks for reading. A pleasure!

-Hakuna Matata-


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