How to choose a destination

There is the old-fashioned way of spinning your globe at home and putting your finger on a destination.

There is the one who comes to the airport and jumps on whichever flight has a free seat left. There is the one with the recommendations: “My friend went to Dubai, so I want to go there”. Or, there are the people who want to go everywhere!

And yes, I am one of them!

I want to see the world with a capital W. However, when it comes to choosing where exactly we want to go, the choice can be difficult at times. Sometimes it can be a question of the time of the year (summer, autumn, winter, spring, rainy season), money, duration (one or two weeks, 1 month, etc.), place ( Europe, Asia, America, Oceania, Africa), age (if we are younger we want to enjoy it and see the places that may be less accessible when we get older), flight time (long or short) or simply by preferences (culture, landscape, culinary discovery, vineyards, adventure).


Here are some suggestions that can clarify your next choice of destination:

  1. Make a list of the places in the world by continent that you want to visit at all costs. Be specific and keep in mind that you can always change it at any time.
  2. Find a period during which you want to go (the month in the year) and look how long you want or can you leave (weeks, months, years?). Ex: 2 weeks in May.
  3. Analyze your budget. How much money do you have or how much have you saved for this trip? If you need advice to save your money, I invite you to go read my article on the subject: How to save to do what you love.

Choose the destinations where you can get the most out of what you have and not be stressed during the trip for fear of running out of cash and thus preventing you from doing certain activities. Consider the cost of living for the selected country (in destination guides, through a travel agency, on the internet, or by people around you who have been lucky enough to visit there).

  1. Look at places that are worthwhile to go to during this time. If you spend more time on the means of transportation than on the spot, change your destination. You will probably be able to cut a few potential places just by this quick method.
  2. Learn about the climate and temperature during this time of year. Sometimes there may be a rainy season, a strong winter, a drought, or others. It is very unfortunate to save for several months and to position oneself in a less enviable atmosphere than planned.
  3. Now that your choices are more limited, discuss with the person who will go with you if you are not the only traveler. Propose the choices you have left and choose the destination that appeals to both.
  4. If there are still a few choices, you can do a random draw – choose according to the continent or go with the one you most want to see at the moment.
  5. At home, you can display a map of the world and indicate the places visited. You can write a small diary with the destination views listed inside. In short, you can do what you love, but it’s nice to iron out the places we’ve discovered so far. You only have one life to live, so maximize the moments you love. Enjoy small and big happiness.


The important thing is to choose a place and to reserve your ticket, train, bus, or car. So, once this step is completed you don’t have to postpone any longer and you can start planning this wonderful time that no one can ever take away! Moments and experiences remain etched in our memory and make you the person you are today.


Have fun and share your wonderful adventures!


Thanks for reading. A pleasure!

-Hakuna Matata-


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