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Why choose natural products for our skin and our environment?
Why use Jacynthe products? What do they have and do differently?
What is their primary mission?

For over 2 years now, I use Jacynthe products for my skin both in body care and for make-up. This year, I am also using the products for the home! I am without words… Every new discovery impresses me.A friend of mine had very dry skin and had tried different natural beauty products to even make them herself. However, it never gave the results she wanted. She was just a few tries away from trying a photorejuvenation treatment. I think there are other ways to get expensive treatments, especially when you’re in your twenties.

I’m delighted, she made the decision to wait and try the products I was using knowing how happy I was with them.Here is what she wrote to me the day after her purchase:
“For real, until now I’m 100% satisfied (in just two rituals, last night and this morning) my skin has never been so soft as with serum! My other oil that I applied, I still had small dry skin all over the face which is not done at all with the serum of Jacynthe! ”

Maison Jacynthe offers 100% natural products that respect the integrity of the skin and every drop is thought. Each ingredient has a specific purpose and it is for this reason that their effectiveness is surprising. Trying them is adopting them. I can’t get rid of it anymore. I love them too much! My skin, my body and my mind are thrilled.


My appreciation for the products goes beyond these. Jacynthe’s team is conscientious, attentive to your needs, is present, wants to make a difference and uses products of TOP QUALITY. When I visit the city of La Prairie for my care with my beautician, Amelie who is a pearl, I am received like a queen. This winter, I was treated receiving an herbal tea, a foot bath, a warm blanket, a relaxing chair with relaxing vibrations, a small fire and more! The complete facial care is a must. As far as I am concerned, Amelie is so passionate about her work that she makes sure that everything goes well with the products after my visits. When you go to their shop, there are animals, the living room, gardens, in short the place brings us to a place of relaxation and purity! The team is here to help you and to introduce you to the wonderful products. It is an experience that is not experienced elsewhere.

More and more, people are paying close attention to their diet. On the other hand, well-being and health go beyond what is found on our plate. Certainly, our skin reflects what we eat and more specifically what we digest, but we must take care of it. It is important to validate the ingredients that are inside our products, because even if we think that we help our skin, the majority of the products harm it and can even harm our health. That’s why the application of natural products is for me.

Warning, which says natural product does not automatically say to use anything on our skin. Jacynthe mentioned at a conference: “Olive oil is natural, but that doesn’t mean it’s good for your face!” The specialists who work with Jacynthe use “la crème de la crème” to make UNIQUE and PRECIOUS products.Maison Jacynthe | Blog Of Dee

Just try them to see the difference! I invite you to visit the Maison Jacynthe website and subscribe to the newsletter. You will find gems.

Take care of your skinMaison Jacynthe | Blog Of Dee Jacynthe


Thanks for reading. A pleasure!

-Hakuna Matata-


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