The magic of the green smoothie

For almost a year, MAG and I decided to take control of our food. We had just started adding a green smoothie to our daily food plan.

We loved it and we continue this ritual even to this day. Many people tend to switch between green juice and a green smoothie. On Jacynthe’s website, there is an informative article that distinguishes between the two. I advise you to read it. There will be a link at the end of my article to better guide you.

Becoming aware of what we eat

Vegetarian, Paleo, Vegan, Carnivore, Sugar free, etc.

What to think? What to do? How to navigate? Who to listen to?


There are many schools of thought about eating. I am not a nutritionist, but here is what I learned about food from my experiences.

My partner and I decided to try different eating styles in the past two years (Vegan, Vegetarian, avoiding pasta, eating less sugar, etc.), but we realized that we just had to listen to our BODY! We must eat only what we are able to digest.