The magic of the green smoothie

For almost a year, MAG and I decided to take control of our food. We had just started adding a green smoothie to our daily food plan.

We loved it and we continue this ritual even to this day. Many people tend to switch between green juice and a green smoothie. On Jacynthe’s website, there is an informative article that distinguishes between the two. I advise you to read it. There will be a link at the end of my article to better guide you.

People often ask me what I put in my smoothie or they are intrigued by what exactly I drink. In order to make the task easier, you will find a recipe at the bottom of this page. The process is simple and fast.Using a blender like Vitaminix or Ninja, you put in all the ingredients you need and you’re done!

The key is to enjoy one green smoothie a day and you will see a difference in your energy, your body, your metabolism, your appetite, and of course a healthy change in the color of your stool ;). All this without even changing your diet! Some people can use it as a replacement for their lunch. Other people like to add it simply as a snack before or after dinner. You will see what suits you best. A healthy lifestyle will help your productivity, your health, your activities, and, even better, help you to enjoy a longer life! The benefits of this addition to your diet are infinite.

Try a 21-day challenge to start. Why 21? As a human being, it was believedthat we need 21 days to create or break a habit. Although this theory has been proven to be a myth, I still propose the challenge, you cannot do without it!

Basic recipe:

1- Fill your container with green vegetables cut in half: spinach, avocado, cabbage, kale, cucumber, etc. ** Avoid celery to start, because it has a very pronounced taste **

2- Choose whichever frozen fruits you prefer: banana, mango, pineapple, strawberries, raspberries, etc.

3- Take water, vegetable milk, coconut water, or cow milk

4- Put chia seeds and hemp seeds

5- Blend and enjoy!

You can always add more of what you like, but the important thing is to keep the maximumamount of green vegetables!



Thanks for reading. A pleasure!

-Hakuna Matata-


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