Why writing my blog?

I thought, why not?

Being a person who loves to share with people and for whom giving back is like second nature, I thought this new creation would be a nice cherry on a cupcake!

As a teacher, educator, investor, traveler, dreamer, passionate and interested in everything, I thought that a blog was a good communication vehicle.
Loving telling stories and meeting people who talk about their creation and their story; it will be good to share it with you.

I hope to make you travel, make you dream, teach you new things, guide you and inspire you!

Good adventure



Traveling is AWE-SOME and I believe that has to be part of everybody’s life.

The richness of the different cultures and their values help you grow as an individual.

Every travel involves fabulous sharing and memories.

It helps getting out of your comfort zone and build your strength.

Travel, travel, travel and share, share, share.

I personally love to learn everything.

So I feel like I can share it to you all.

I did complete a Master degree and I believe that learning is all around us, not just in a classroom.

I experience for you a thousand of things, so sit tight, explore my articles and after, go play in this gigantic backyard called: The World.

I love food!!!!

Who does not?

My kitchen is like a lab!

I try, I fail, I learn, I succeed and I make my man’s stomach super happy.

Sometimes I’m in India. Sometimes I’m in Italy. Sometimes I’m in Mexico.

All the good cultural flavors get on the plates.

  1. OK.

Everyone is saying it. Health is very important.

How many of you are REALLY taking care of themselves?

Often we wait until we have no choice.

So I’m here to help. Let’s start right now taking care of your health (physical, spiritual, mental).

To realize my WHY:

Help people everywhere I GO and have all the time I want with the people I love.

That’s a strong one!

What’s your WHY?
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